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What is redsn0w?

Some information about us.

Redsn0w is a development team that was established in Q4 2012. We currently have over 150+ developers working on the project. We have had success with the past few firmwares of releasing them earlier and creating a working ios untethered jailbreak for all of you users out there. With the new iOS 7 we have recently released a working upgrade and a working untethered jailbreak. We hope to hear positive feedback on our project from every one of the members and even suggestions on improving !

About Redsn0wUntethered Jailbreak (With iOS 7 Upgrade)

Some information about the program.

Redsn0w supports many iOS devices. It is updated when the Dev Team develops new exploits and features. Depending on the device and the iOS version, redsn0w provides only a untethered jailbreak. "untethered" means that you are able to reboot your device freely without plugging it in. To execute a jailbreak on a device, redsn0w reads a copy of the firmware file and then runs the exploit payload directly on the device.